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Planning to buy a home? Must be difficult to consider the factors before concluding. We can feel you and that is the reason we are here to make your dilemma sway away with this article.  A lot of things go on in your mind while still trying to match everyone’s needs in the family. Everyone has their own opinions and choices. Second thoughts always surround you concerning the pricing, locality, future value, and other such important factors. So, we at Sapphire greens, as a real estate service provider in Raipur have mentioned a few factors to consider while buying a new home.


Location is one of the important aspects of buying a real estate property in Raipur. It is the first most factor to consider while choosing one. Location is not only crucial for a stay but also future profitability. Make sure it turns out to be an asset for you and your family and not a liability. There are a lot of components related to location when it comes to buying villas in Raipur.

  • Proximity to everyday amenities
  • In the vicinity of nature
  • The neighborhood factors
  • These were some of the components that you need to take care of such as locality distance from market, airport, station, office, school, and other public places that you visit often. Another important point to keep in mind is that whether that particular locality will evolve in the coming years or not. And if yes, then would it turn into residential area or commercial and other components in the value aspect.


    Finance includes a lot of components while buying flats in Raipur. Be it a flat, or a villa, or an apartment, balancing between what is available on sale, your budget, and your choice is a challenging task. And if we suppose that you create a perfect balance, then there might be an issue with the banks allowing to finance the project. If you must finance the purchased property, then you need to shortlist and verify the banks that will help you with the financing part. Another aspect to take care of is the property value that the broker or a builder quotes you. Make sure that you cross-check everything and then proceed with the purchase. Along with that, clarify all the additional charges, and taxes you would have to pay other than the property cost.


    Security is the utmost crucial factor for buyers when it comes to their families. Every buyer wants that his/her family lives peacefully and in a safe place in their absence. So, make sure the township including, the locality is safe and secure for you and your family to reside freely.


    Amenities are also one of the most important factors to check when it comes to buying a home. You can say that all the other factors might include the buyer solely, but amenities and security are the factors that are equally important for the rest of the family. Amenities play an extremely significant role in the inhabitants' lives such as additional space for extra activities, parking, and extra space for their special occasions, etc. Just make sure that when you choose yourself apartments in Raipur, it comprises all the amenities you need for sustainable living.

    Legal record check

    We all know that there has been a lot of news lately regarding the legal matters and hoaxes of real estate properties. There might be a possibility that the particular property would be under litigation. Ensure that the property or land you’re planning to buy is legally authorized and is approved by the government officials. So, make sure that you take a thorough check and verification of the land and the broker or builder you are getting it through.

    History is important

    Right from the previous sellers, builders, legal conditions, to the pricing, and all the people associated with the property, make sure you verify everything before jump to the conclusion. Plan out everything because the right plan will lead you to the right place and will prevent you from getting into any legal mess.


    Make sure that once you finalize the land or property, the contract or agreement documents should be read carefully with the help of an advocate or adviser. Before you give away the token amount, go through the documents thoroughly because everything should be crystal clear for a smooth deal. Sign it after you have gone through all the clauses mentioned, including the amount and the names of the builders involved. Through this article, we have tried our best to showcase some of the important factors to consider while buying flats, villas, or apartments in Raipur. If you have come across this, we want to assure you that Sapphire Greens holds all the above factors for their buyers and residents. Be it an apartment or a villa; we, ensure you that your investment would be worth it and your family would at the best place in the city. Sapphire greens are the best fit for you as it offers variations in the flat and apartment sizes as per your family's needs. Email, kindly reach us at: +91 930 1025 092   | +91 930 1025 093