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A formal lease specifies the obligations and rights of both tenants and landlords. The terms and conditions of the agreement must be followed by both parties. It is always advisable to get a lease arrangement for simply eleven months for the best apartments in Raipur, which can then be renewed on a case-by-case basis for another term of eleven months, in order to prevent potential conflicts, registration issues, and save stamp duty.

Legal experts claim that it is extremely challenging to have one's property removed when it is leased out in India because of the complicated procedures and legislation that favour tenants. Due to procedural delays, it usually takes years for the landlord to receive justice, during which time the tenant may still be occupying the property. In accordance with the Registration Act of 1908 criteria, registration of a property that is leased for a year is required. Therefore, the rent agreements are typically written for a duration of eleven months in order to avoid the laborious registration process. If it goes beyond that, as was said before, it must be mandatory registered under the Act, and this would have a lot of negative effects. Stamp duty and registration fees must be paid in the event that an agreement is registered. To avoid paying such exorbitant fees, the landlord and the renter may agree not to get the lease recorded. Additionally, an 11-month lease allows the landlord greater flexibility because the rent can be set in accordance with the state of the market and can be renewed on a regular basis. However, the agreement need not endure the full eleven months. Agreements that are renewable or extendable for an additional three to five years may also be made with the parties' approval for any   best apartments in Raipur.

Many people choose to have their rental agreement notarized rather than register it. Although it has not been stipulated that a rent agreement must be notarized, doing so aids in proving the legitimacy of the parties signing the document. Because of this, many people just make note of the lease. An 11-month contract is better for the landlord in terms of early lease termination. The rent is subject to rise at the landlord's discretion. Additionally, landlords prefer rent agreements for any of the  best apartments in Raipur with shorter lease terms to eliminate future disputes and inconveniences. It is easier to withdraw a non-registered agreement that has only been notarized. A notarized rent agreement is not admissible as evidence in court if the law otherwise demands registration. Therefore, a tenant cannot claim any rights under the unregistered agreement. A notarized rental agreement, however, cannot be disregarded as an illegal document. It is currently acceptable and lawful to draught an 11-month notarized lease agreement. These agreements may also be offered as proof in the event of a dispute. 

Without a recorded rent agreement, the landlord may find it difficult to obtain the tenant to pay for any damage to the property. The capacity of the parties to establish their rights under a non-registered lease may be adversely affected, leading to disputes over the eviction notice, lock-in period, early termination, renewal period, etc. Be it for an 11-month lease or a longer term, it is always desirable that parties must pay the necessary stamp duty on the rent agreements they seek to complete. To avoid interference with the rights and advantages of the counterparty and to establish legally binding responsibilities for both the renters and the owner, it is advantageous for the parties to sign a residential rent agreement that is valid for at least 11 months. 

For any of the  best apartments in Raipur, it is recommended to use a registered rent agreement if you intend to have a long-term tenancy. This ensures that both parties keep their end of the bargain and abide by the terms of the lease, thus if the parties want to have a longer tenancy and relationship, they should have it registered. As an illustration, a tenant who decides to rent a space for five years and makes a large investment on that basis should protect his rights by having the lease agreement registered. Because if it is not registered and just notarized, the landlord can evict the tenant notwithstanding the five-year lease's length with just one month's notice, without having to give a reason and without committing a breach because the contract will be deemed void by the court.